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Glass Containers, Pipettes & Glass Tubes

Teklab’s high quality glass containers, Pasteur pipettes and glass test tubes cater well to a range of scientific and laboratory applications, but our products are also ideal for use in crafting, entomology and in the food and drink industry. Our glass test tubes, containers, and pipettes are made of high grade glass, and are offered in a variety of different sizes.

All of our test tubes and containers are mainly manufactured in the UK from medical grade plastics and glass, and are suitable for use across different industries. We also offer a selection of test tubes sterilised by gamma irradiation, which are perfect for use in the food industry. We currently supply vets, marine biologists and zoos across the UK with our bespoke test tubes, which can be labelled and coloured to fit the needs of each individual customer. We offer a selection of round and flat bottomed tubes, as well as glass microhaematocrit capillary tubes for safe and efficient blood collection in addition to accurate results. We also offer a huge range of test tubes with or without anticoagulants, according to your specification.

All of our glass Pasteur pipettes are precision made in a laboratory environment to assure accuracy and uniformity of production. Available in both 145mm and 225mm sizes, in quantities of 200, our glass Pasteur pipettes are competitively priced and expertly produced, ready for use in any laboratory environment.

A choice of different caps can be offered for our glass test tubes to fit your requirements, with the options of snap on, screw top, or urea foil wad caps. We also offer a customised labelling service, as well as preparing our test tubes and containers for different volumes and uses, consistent with your unique requirements.

If you can’t see what you’re looking for in our catalogue, get in touch through our online contact form, or contact us at 0191 371 0451, and we will go the extra mile to source the product that you need.


All prices exclude VAT at the current rate.